Our friends at  Coal River Mountain Watch and CLEAN (Citizens Lead for Energy Action Now) have alerted us that Richmond, Virginia based Massey Energy has fast-tracked plans to  start mountain top removal on Coal River Mountain and blasting could occur as early as tomorrow (Wednesday, September 10).  The Coal River Wind Farm is the proposed alternative to destroying the mountain. This project would provide sustainable jobs, preserve heritage, and play an important role in advocating for clean, renewable energy.  The Coal River Wind Farm would also still allow for underground mining to occur while the wind is being harnessed.

Take action! Once the destruction starts, it will be very hard to stop.  West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin has expressed interest in supporting renewable energy.  In White Sulphur Springs on Friday, Manchin claimed that he will push for renewable energy projects and that renewable energy will be the focus of the next State of the State speech. Let him know that you want the Coal River Wind Project to be given more consideration before the blasting occurs and that this is the opportunity that he should take to show that he is serious about clean, renewable energy.

Contact Gov. Manchin here and let him know that more consideration must be given to the Coal River Wind Farm

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