“Every crisis is a judgement, a call to see where things have gone wrong and to seek to set matters right, both within our consciousness and in society.  The environmental crisis, the economic crisis, the crisis of justice, the crisis of faith, the employment crises, the crisis of militarism- all these are symptoms not only that humanity has to yet become what is has to be, but also that we are on the wrong track.” Paulos Mar Gregorios

The Human Presence: Ecological Spirituality in the Age of the Spirit, Amity House Press, Amity, NY 1989, p.3  excerpt from A Cloud of Witness by Fredrick W. Krueger, p 438

What can we do to get on the right path? Everyone must ask themselves, what is it going to take to get back on track?  What can I do on a personal level and what can I do to encourage others that we need to be stewards of the earth?

It is obvious that the present rates of consumption and the current means of extracting sources of energy are leading us down the wrong path.  We can make changes and protect our heritage, environment, and families.

Set an example

One of the best ways to encourage people to change their consumption habits is to lead by example.  Inspire others.  A lot of people  want to make a difference but feel that they can make no impact.  By taking action yourself, show them that it can be done and that every little bit helps.  Here are some resources to help you come up with ways to conserve your energy usage.  Share them with your friends and family!

Daily Green: 10 Easiest Tips

Summer Time Energy-Saving Tips

Earth Lab

Be an advocate

Advocate for our mountains and for cleaner, renewable sources of energy. Demand change and be proactive. Nothing gets accomplished by being passive.  We have been on a harmful path for  too long and now it is time to make a change. Share the issues with others.  Explain to them how Mountain Top Removal and renewable energy are moral and spiritual issues.  Support endeavors that will protect our mountains and help us reduce our dependency on coal.

The Coal River Wind Project is a good step forward in protecting our mountains and at the same time, harnessing clean, renewable energy.  This wind farm will keep the mountain in tact, provide energy, create jobs, and preserve heritage.  Another great aspect of this project is that it will set a good example of how we can use our mountains to benefit the economy and local citizens without blasting them away.  This project can serve as a model for future endeavors and is a good step in showing the country that Appalachia is interested in promoting renewable sources of energy.

For more information and statistics about the Coal River Wind Project, please visit their website at http://www.coalriverwind.org/
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