February 5th is the day of National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions.  We always hear of the dangers of Global Warming, and it is important to know how this will impact humans and ecosystems, but now is the time to talk about solutions.  There are ways that we can stop things from getting worse and get onto the track of a healthy future.

Marshall University in Huntington, WV is hosting a teach in. Below is the agenda.  Want to find a Teach-in closer to home?  Check out the action map for an event near you.

National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions
February 5, 2009
Marshall University’s Program for Participation…

The Global Warming Solutions Gallery

Location and Time: Marshall University Student Center, Room BE5, 10am until 7pm

a.    10:00am – 11:00am: Connect to “Focus the Nation”
b.    11am – 11:30am: Coal River Wind Project Presentation
c.    11:30am – noon: Dr. Mike Little’s Agriculture Reclamation for Mountaintop Removal Sites Presentation
d.    Noon – 1pm: Discussion of “A New Shared Economy for Appalachia” paper
e.    1pm – 3pm Green Jobs Panel, with representatives from:
i.    Center for Economic Options (CEO)
ii.    WV Youth Action League (WV-YAL)
iii.    Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER)
iv.    More participants TBD
f.    3:00pm to 3:30pm: Green Bridge (a green business being developed by MU students)
g.    3:30pm to 5pm: Open Mike
h.    5pm to 7pm: “Kilowatt Ours” (film)
i.    Other Gallery Items:
i.    The Global Warming Solution Poster Series provided by Marshall’s HON480 “Global Climate Change: Scientific and Social Perspectives” Class
ii.    Kat Cadle (poster and handouts on simple ways to live sustainably)
iii.    Showcase of Marshall’s available, relevant library items on green design, sustainability, global warming, etc.

Anyone interested in presenting an idea, project or information about a global warming solution can email Libby Callicoat at callico1@marshall.edu to be included.

On January 21, thousands of people from all walks of life are coming together to call the White House. On this call, we are going to ask President Obama to:

  • Say YES to renewable energy.
  • Say YES to energy efficiency.
  • Say NO to carbon capture sequestration (CCS).
  • Say NO to nuclear power.

This day of action is being organized by CLEAN, a collaborative movement of organizations and individuals with the common goal of implementing a new energy future. The goal is for 10,000 calls to be made to President Obama on his first  day in office.  Christians for the Mountains has pledged to make 400 calls. Please help us reach this goal! Let President Obama know how you feel about clean energy, the role of coal in our country, and the extremely  devastating effects that Mountaintop Removal is having on Appalachian communities, culture, and and environment.

Go to the CLEAN website, and choose Christians for the Mountains as the organization you pledge to call on behalf of. You will be sent an email reminder close to January 21st. There is a sample script on the website, but feel free to use your own words.  Let President Obama know that your faith motivates you to take action for renewable energy and why it is important to you as a Christian that the United States take giant steps in transitioning toward a clean energy economy.

Share this with you friends and families.  This is your chance to let the new president know that clean energy should be one his top priorities.