Lovers and advocates of God’s creation,

Please take a brief moment to contact the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE), the entity that is responsible for enforcing the law on mountaintop removal. They are asking for advice on how to enforce the law – and we need you to offer it!

Coalfield communities are suffering as a result from the lack of enforcement of these laws and because of coal industry greed and corruption that permeates the system. As God’s children, Appalachian citizens deserve to live in healthy communities free of toxic water, harmful dust, blasting, and the tyranny of industry.

Please send your comments right now! The deadline is Wednesday Jan. 19th. We encourage you to write your own message (write about your experiences with OSM if you have any), or  click on this link for more information and to send an email.

Don’t forget to pass this information on to your friends and faith communities!